Embrace your Primal Rugby instinct.

Pass quicker and smarter than your competition. Control your game.

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Any top athlete will dedicate hours to perfect their craft, rugby is no exception.

Primal Rugby have developed a rugby ball to help evolve the following:


Reaction time


Precision passing




Hand eye coordination

Evolve your game to the next level with a Primal Rugby solo skills ball.

What’s the worst that could happen…

You become a professional rugby player?

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It is half a rugby ball, with a flat end and has been designed with a special 3D grip to promote catching and has a similar weight to a match ball. 

It is the ideal training partner if you want to perfect your overall rugby skills on your own.

About the product

Primal Rugby is proud to present a colourful range of high-quality solo skills training rugby balls, for athletes of all abilities and ages, for all schools and rugby clubs nationally. RFU Ball Directive advises: Size 3 - Up to Under 9s, Size 4 - Under 10s to Under 14s & Size 5 - Over 15s.

Happy Sports Team
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Designed for solo practice

Throw against any flat and hard surface

3D Grip for precision passing and catching control 

All weather synthetic rubber

RFU Directive On Ball Sizes:

   Size 3 (Under 7, 8 & 9);

   Size 4 (Under 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14);

   Size 5 (Under 15 & above)

Approx. 340 g

21.6 x 16.3 x 11.3 cm

Rugby Players


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