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Covid-19 has reshaped the way most people think about training. 

Training on your own became the norm for a short period of our lives. During this period athletes globally came unstuck as how to train without a training partner or training facility. Though with most conventional sports, you could still look to maintain or enhance your training goals on your own.

For instance, with basketball, football, tennis etc. the wall became your training partner, bouncing the ball off the wall and reacting to the bounce and direction of the ball allowed you to train on your own.


However, rugby balls are not designed to be thrown or kicked at walls. 

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Primal Rugby decided to design the rugby ball so that it can be used specifically to be thrown at a wall for solo training and you could still maintain or enhance your training goals without needing a physical training partner.

This is where the idea of a solo skills Primal Rugby ball was born. Having one flat end of the rugby ball enables you to throw the rugby ball at any hard surface, indoor or outdoor, allowing the solo skills Primal Rugby ball to bounce back to you, simulating a pass of a fellow rugby player. Beneficial for rugby athlete’s trying to perfect their passing and will also help enhance your catching skills, promote quicker decision-making skills, and develop your hand-eye coordination. 

Primal Rugby is passionate about training and development within the Rugby community. Supplying schools and clubs right across the UK. The founder of Primal Rugby has worked in the educational sector for many years and understands how important sports is in the development of a young adult and wants to make sure that all aspiring rugby athletes are not held back by poverty or disability and has partnered up with the Wooden Spoon Charity. It is the children’s charity of rugby, and they transform the lives of disadvantaged and disabled children and young people across the UK and Ireland through the power of rugby. 

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As Richie McCaw (Most capped All Black) once said


“I don’t believe in magic, I believe in hard work”


So, pick up a solo skills Primal Rugby ball and start practising…what is the worst that could happen, you become a professional rugby player.

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